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Moving Forward With Tech 

Progression and dynamism; it’s like an economy where the total output of what we put in seems to churn out a rate where humanity and technology find an equal balance and foster a relationship to keep moving forward, with the help of tech by our side.

We are living through the age of information where we have the world at our fingertips, we search and scroll, we seek and find all with the help of technology that guides us through our new age realm; where we are not opposed to letting technology guide our decisions.

Technology is simply a tool; it helps us through the day and extends our world and it gives us the opportunity to do everything from enjoy the online slots Canada has to offer, to chat to people on the other side of the globe. New age smart phones have full customization, even though the basic interface stays the same on all devices the level of personalization is linked to the as we download and content we view.

The following technological trends are up to date and will help you keep a hand over your scrolling finger. This is the latest tech news to keep you informed and up to date in our ever-changing world.

Apple’s Letting Go Of Wires

Apple has recently acquired a New Zealand firm called PowerbyProxi. The tech giant acquired the wireless charging company for an undisclosed sum and is reportedly looking to keep the business running as per usual in the country.

Twitter’s Full Disclosure 

Twitter is set on making some big changes to its ad transparency agreements. The social media platform wants to keep users in the loop with transparent political advertisements parameters.

This means that anyone will be able to see   all the political ads that have been purchased, who purchased the actual ad and how exactly the advertisement is targeted at users on the platform.

iPhone X Will Be Purchase Ready on Launch Day 

It’s that time again and Apple is looking to take some market share back with the much-anticipated iPhone X.

The company has given its word to all Apple enthusiasts that the iPhone X will be available for store walk in purchase on the day of launch.

The iPhone X is scheduled for November 3rd and if you want to get your hands on one you best be early.

Google Works For Kids 

Smart devices have changed our lives and steadily shaped the world around us, and smart homes may well be the way of the future. Google Assistant powered by none other than Google has had an interesting update; the virtual assistant now focuses in on kids to make the software a family affair.

The Google Assistant update features fifty new games and trivia facts for kids to get to grips with. The latest version of the software will be available on all Google home devices and all devices powered by the latest Android software.

Didn’t Make The World Snap 

With all the hype around SnapChat the world thought the companies Snap Spectacles would see their stock climb the ladder and dwarf other giant players in the game.

This wasn’t the case though; Snap Spectacles failed in the commercial space dismally, selling just 150.000 glasses to date. Most users also reported little activity with the glasses after just a month of use.