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Plan Your Great American Road Trip in Five Easy Steps

The United States of America has one of the most diverse and stunning landscapes in the entire world. Unlike other countries, it also has the benefit of all being within the same border, meaning you can enjoy multiple sceneries from the red rock in the canyons, to the white sands of White Sands National Monument. There are so many sights to enjoy, and the best way to really experience them is with a road trip. Never underestimate the freedom of the open road, and follow these steps to plan your very own Great American Road Trip:

Choose Your Road Trip Theme

The first step to planning any Great American Road Trip is to choose the theme. The theme in question can be absolutely anything. It can be a road trip to see the biggest city in every state, or it could be a road trip to see all the biggest jazz festivals or carnivals. The best types of road trips, however, are the ones that take you through the wilds of this great country. Regardless of what theme you pick, stick to that theme. That way you can really experience something you love to its fullest and have an excuse to plan another road trip down the line.

Plot Out How Long and How Far You Will Go

Every road trip, of course, will have its limitations. Some road trips will be through one state; others will go across the country. Knowing how long you are willing to drive, and how far you can go based on that will be a critical part to planning out your stops.

Choosing Your Road Trip Companions

Once you have those two critical choices made, it’s time to start inviting people. By having the specific theme and distance for your trip already chosen, you can minimize misunderstandings. Instead, be specific about what you are going to do and for how long. You should also clarify what type of accommodation you will be looking for. Opting for luxurious hotels in Bryce Canyon will require a different type of budget than camping, so it’s important that the type of trip is clarified before people sign on.

Plan Things Things to Do

Regardless of what theme your road trip takes, remember that pit stops are an important part to driving safety and road trip fun. Try to create a master list so that you can pick and choose where you want to go and what you want to see when you are on the road. This also applies to what you want to do at your destination. That way you can have spontaneous fun at a pre-chosen list of great options.

Saving and Budgeting for the Trip

Budget how much gas is, how much car rental (if applicable) is, the cost of accommodation, and how much experienced travelers recommend you should spend per day. Combined, this will help you create a realistic budget for your trip. That way, if needed, you can start saving for that goal well in advance.

There is nothing more romantic nor more quintessentially American than a Great American Road Trip. Plan yours today using these tips, and regardless of what type of road trip you take, you are sure to love the experience.