Boi From Troy

Resume Trends For 2017

The best job recruiters in Los Angeles will help you improve your resume.  Having a concise, professional looking resume is a good first step in your job search.  The business world is always changing, and therefore what is appropriate to put in a resume also changes.  Resume advice can quickly become outdated.  Here are some of the resume trends for 2017:

Include Social Media Profiles in Your Contact Information

It is no secret that prospective employers will Google your name and look at your online profiles.  Why not put links to your LinkedIn account and other social media profiles on your resume?  Most resumes are sent by email these days, so it is easy for prospective employers just to click on the social media links.  Doing this shows employers that you are not ashamed of your online presence and think it will help you professionally.  Do not worry that it is a gimmick.  If you are old enough, you will remember when job recruiters had to tell people to include email addresses on their resumes.

Bullet Points Are In; Narrative Is Out

When was the last time that you went a day without reading a bullet list?  Bullet points are a way that writers format their thoughts for the digital age.  Part of the reason for this is that they are easy to read from computer screens and mobile devices.  Guess what?  Finance recruiters are probably reading your resume from their mobile devices.

The reason for including bullet points is not just to show that you belong to the search engine optimization (SEO) generation.  Brevity has always been king when it comes to resumes.  Bullet lists are a good way to convey information without taking up a lot of space on the page.

Timeless resume advice also applies.  You should always be truthful on your resume and be sure to proofread for typos.