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The Best Alternative Destinations In The USA

Whenever planning to visit somewhere in the United States, most people will immediately think of the major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. This is understandable as these are brilliant places to visit and bursting with culture, but the USA has many fantastic but less explored places that show the real heart and soul of this country. Traveling to these places will give you an authentic experience, and you are sure to meet lots of friendly locals who will be happy to give their recommendation for the best places to visit whilst in town. So, consider any of the following if you are planning a trip somewhere in the States anytime soon.


Utah is a beautiful part of the country with epic mountain ranges and vast stretches of desert, but it also has a handful of fun and lively towns and cities to explore. One hidden gem is Bryce Canyon, which has a fun nightlife and it should not be too hard to find the best Bryce Canyon Restaurant in town by asking the locals. It is also close to the entrance of the spectacular Bryce Canyon National Park – highly worth a visit.


Seattle is, for some reason, often overlooked by people when traveling the United States and this is a shame as it is a stunning, fun and very cultural place to visit and quite unlike anywhere else in the States. It is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty with large bodies of water, emerald green forests and huge mountain ranges, whilst the city itself has many cultural attractions, a lively nightlife and a progressive attitude towards life.


Found right in the heart of America, Denver is a gateway to the awe-inspiring Rockies, but it is also a metropolis that dates back to the Old West era. It is a great place to visit for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, but it also features many excellent cultural attractions with craft breweries, a huge music scene and friendly locals with the Rocky Mountains providing the perfect backdrop.


Nature lovers will adore Minneapolis as this picturesque town in Minnesota is home to many beautiful parks, forests, and lakes. Additionally, Minneapolis is a huge city with lots of things to see and do, including the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden along with plenty of inviting bars, cafes, and restaurants all over town.


You will do well to find a prettier city than Charleston in South Carolina, which features picture-perfect antebellum houses, cobbled streets and a stunning French Quarter. On top of this, this charming city is known for tantalizing Southern cuisine, friendly locals and beautiful beaches – perfect for a relaxing trip away.

The United States is vast and incredibly diverse which means that there are many wonderful places to visit, yet often people will simply head to the major cities. It is these lesser explored parts of the States that can provide a real adventure and allow you to see what is so special about this country.