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Things That You Must Do On A Visit to Mexico City


The capital of Mexico, Mexico City is rapidly growing in terms of its popularity and there are more and more Americans each year that are visiting the capital to indulge in everything that this wonderful city has to offer. I came traveling through Mexico after college with my friend Reddy Kancharla and after seeing Mexico City, I knew that I would have to come back again one day. That day came two years ago when I decided that I would move my life from Utah to Mexico City and I have not looked back since.

As with many destinations around the world, there are some things in this city that you simply cannot leave without completing and here is my list of the things that you simply must do on a visit to this fantastic capital.

Eat Street Food

There is an incredible amount of focus on food here in Mexico and the best place to grab some traditional and local dishes is on the street. On almost every corner of the city you will find small stands with red and white awnings above them that are selling a wide range of Mexican dishes. The Mexican food which you are used to is highly different from the food which you can find here in Mexico and that includes the tacos. If you are down here for any length of time then you have to try as much street food as possible.

See The Ruins

There is a vast array of ruins from the ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures throughout both Mexico City and its surrounding areas which you simply must see. Around an hour and half outside the city is the town of Cholula, a beautiful and colorful town which at its center has the world’s largest pyramid and you can go into the tunnels underneath to experience it for yourself. In the north of the city is the ancient city of Teotihuacan which is a huge archaeological site that features two huge pyramids and is a great place to explore.

See The Mariachis

Mariachis are a group of between 7 and ten musicians who wear traditional suits and play and sing throughout the bars and the streets of the city. The best place to see the Mariachis is in an area of the city called Garibaldi and it is fair to say that you haven’t really experienced the city until you have heard these wonderful musicians playing and singing traditional Mexican songs. The Mariachis play for money and you can buy a song or an entire performance, a great way to get into the true Mexican culture.

These are just my top 3 things to do in the city although in truth I could write a list that is far longer, the city has so much to offer all types of tourist and I would urge you to put it on your list of places to travel to this year.