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Top Sights To See In Vancouver, Canada


When it comes to travelling abroad, many people have Canada high on their must visit lists. The second largest country in the world, it has the world’s longest continuous coastline as well as a vast amount of things to do from coast to coast that can tickle anyone’s fancy. Whether you like exploring cosmopolitan cities, skiing, or just getting out into nature and enjoying the fresh air, Canada has something for you. For many, the main place they want to explore is the city of Vancouver on the west coast. Is it on your list? Consider the idea to hire a car in Vancouver to make the most of your time there and to fit all these great points of interest in.

Robson Street

One of the most loved shopping and eating districts in the city, Robson Street has an international flavour that’s hard to ignore. Whether you’re stopping for a burger and a locally brewed beer at one of the pubs or you’re trying something new at one of the Asian noodle shops, there’s a bit of something for everyone on this stretch of street that goes right through the heart of downtown Vancouver. With the BC Stadium on one end and Stanley Park on the other, it’s a great place for both sports and nature lovers to stroll from end to end to see all that Vancouver has to offer.

Granville Island

While not technically an island, this region is a unique draw for both locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re checking out one of the many farmers market stalls, skilled artisans, or talented buskers along the streets of the area, Granville Island is a great spot to head for an afternoon out sampling different flavours and tastes of Vancouver and the area. You can find some truly unique gifts here, from exclusive teas to traditional Indigenous handicrafts and more. Take one of the small boats across False Creek from the downtown core to the island for a special treat that everyone loves.

Stanley Park

The ultimate spot for nature lovers, Stanley Park is a huge forest right in downtown Vancouver at one end of Robson Street. Home to the Capilano Suspension Bridge as well as rivers, waterfalls and more. Hiking trails abound throughout the park and it’s been the filming site of many different TV shows throughout the years including the X-Files and Stargate SG-1. People enjoy strolling through the forests of Stanley Park to get away from the concrete of the city for awhile, along with the options to visit beaches, lookout points, teahouses and more.


It all started in 1867 with a man named John ‘Gassy Jack’ Deighton and his tavern. Gastown eventually grew into a shopping and dining district with a distinct Victorian flair. Featuring some of the hottest shops and restaurants that you won’t find elsewhere in the city, Gastown is a haven for those who want something seriously unique, and maybe a bit unusual. Visit the Steam Clock, the Vancouver Lookout and some of the art galleries featuring a plethora of Indigenous artists and their works. If you only have time to visit one place in Vancouver, make it Gastown!

So if you’re traveling on a tour bus rental, or a car to check one of Canada’s most popular cities, hopefully this short article all about Vancouver will help convince you to head there for your next cosmopolitan getaway. With so many things to see and do in the city alone, you will have no problem filling a week or even two with a trip to Vancouver. Enjoy!