Boi From Troy

Why I love my fishing trips

Angling has been a favorite pastime of my friends and family members for generations. I still remember how I used to go fishing with my dad back when I was just a little kid. We used to take our tackle and plenty of water and essentials so that we spend an entire day trying to get the big catch of our dreams.

Many people don’t understand the appeal of fishing, in general, and I really can’t blame them. For some, it might seem overly complicated or just downright boring spending a whole day doing the same thing. What’s more, with some species one might want to target, you have to be more or less quiet, which means that the opportunities for conversation are somewhat scarce.

It goes without saying that angling, in its essence, is a sport dedicated to people who have a bit of patience. Nothing comes easily in life, so why should it when it comes to fishing? When starting out, it is a good idea to choose the right type of equipment right off the bat. But scouring the market for the kind of products you might be after can be somewhat challenging.

If you would like to give fishing a try and you don’t have a particularly lavish budget for all of the expenses, I personally recommend doing a bit of research on fly fishing. There are many techniques that one might be tempted to try at some point or the other, but fly fishing is by far the easiest of all and the neat thing about it is that it requires little to no gear. In fact, many fishers perform it using a simple pole and a fishing reel.

Another thing that could put off beginning fishermen and women is the fact that you can’t just get out of the house and go fishing without being prepared. If you intend to spend at least several hours under the sun, you’ll need a lot of water or at least a personal water straw, and a good deal of snacks and other supplies. Don’t forget about sunscreen, what with skin cancer becoming a danger to us all.

In a way, angling isn’t a social sport, which might bother some individuals. However, it does have its benefits, in that it can allow you to better focus on the things you want to achieve in your life, whether professionally or personally. Nothing beats meditating in the middle of nature, partly because you get some fresh air you probably need on a daily basis but have little to no access to, especially if you have a job in any city.

The fishing community is another reason I enjoy my angling trips. I’ve become fast friends with many people while waiting for fish to bite the bait, and that’s something I couldn’t have done easily in another situation.  Perhaps it all comes down to my personal style, but I am hardly one to disclose information about myself or the folks I care about. With my fishing buddies, things are different. Everything seems to come easily.

Plus, there’s a bit of excitement when it comes to choosing new fishing gear. I love going to tackle shops just to see what’s new and what lures I can pick for my next angling adventure. You wouldn’t believe how immense the industry of fishing gear manufacturing really is. With brands like Okuma, Shimano, Daiwa, KastKing, and a broad array of others, you always have something new to try out.