Boi From Troy

Wired vs. Wireless in Business

It is obvious that having a portable wireless charger for iPhone makes your leisure time even more leisurely.  What about work, though?  There are also pros of wireless in business, especially if you don’t spend your whole workday sitting near an electrical outlet.  A wireless portable battery can only make your workday easier, no matter your profession.

The Workplace is Becoming More and More Wireless

As mobile phones become smarter, employers ask us to do more and more complex tasks from wherever we are.  Updating a spreadsheet on your mobile phone while riding the train to a meeting eats up a lot of battery power.  So does participating in an impromptu video conference with colleagues in another city while you sit in a coffee shop.  Just a few years ago, these situations were reserved for self-styled digital nomads. These days, bosses expect such digital capability from almost everyone, sometimes even including interns.  You just can’t afford to lose productivity because of a phone that has run out of charge.

Wireless Chargers Are Bringing the Leisurely Business Lunch Back

Sometimes it seems like mobile phones and tablets just make our lives more rushed.  Older workers reminisce about being able to sit at lunch for a whole hour and have a leisurely conversation with their co-workers.  Wireless phone chargers make it easier, not harder, to enjoy lunch with your colleagues.  A battery-operated charger works everywhere, even restaurants.  You can enjoy your food and your colleagues’ conversation while charging your phone.  You do not have to worry about missing out on any alerts or emails from work.  A wireless phone charger can make you more productive and less stressed at the same time.

You will accomplish more and enjoy your work more with a phone charger that you can use absolutely everywhere.