Boi From Troy

Your Go-To Guide for Your US Road Trip

The open road has long been romanticized as the epitome of freedom and for a good reason! You can go anywhere, pretend the world doesn’t exist, and enjoy the journey for exactly what it is – a part of life. Combine a road trip with the beauty that is the United States’ natural landscapes, and you have a winning combination. To help you enjoy your trip to its maximum and to reduce any frustrating experiences, however, you will need to follow this guide.

Choose Your Route in Advance

Although waypoints and making pit stops are a part of any road trip, you will want to decide on the overall route well in advance. Doing so can help you stay safe and ensure you see all the top spots on your bucket list. If one of those destinations is rather out of the way, look up more highlights along the way. Road trips should never be done with a “get there” mentality. The journey is half the fun!

Figure Out the Logistics

Now that you know the general route you want to take, it’s time to figure out the logistics. Namely, ensuring that there is always a gas station within reach, that you can get to your accommodation easily every day, and that your driving spurts are no more than three hours at a time. If you need to budget, you can also work out how much gas will cost by your vehicle’s mileage and the cost of gasoline. Add to that budget, of course, but this method should help you ball-park your costs.

Prepare Your Car for Long-Haul Drives

Going on a road trip is all fun and games until you and your passengers start to feel cramped. That is why it is important to be well-stocked on mess-free snacks, drinks like water, and of course, creature comforts like pillows and blankets.

Book Accommodation Along the Way

Although it might be tempting to sleep in your car or perhaps camp out during your road trip – don’t. It is not comfortable, nor is it exactly the safest option. If you are traveling with others, roughing it like that will also cause tensions to rise and fights to break out. Skip all the drama and instead find nice rental properties on instead. This way you can stay in one waypoint for longer and truly explore it. You will also get the rest you need to drive safely and enjoy your road trip to its fullest.

Enjoy the Journey as Much as the Destination

Waypoints are important on a road trip, so get out of your car every few hours and explore somewhere new. Pull over at a viewpoint and have a picnic looking out at nature’s beauty perhaps. Or stop by a yard sale. There are so many unexpected things to see and do on your road trip, and making the most of them is what will make your road trip amazing.

Hitting the open road is a wonderfully freeing feeling, but without properly planning you can miss a lot of true gems along the way. By following this easy go-to-guide, you can maximize your enjoyment and have a road trip to remember.