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Break down of a long trip in South East Asia

South East Asian countries are well known for budget holidays and trips. One can take local transport, eat street food and stay in dorms and backpackers hostels. It is only in South East Asia where open can enjoy a very comfortable trip even on a tight budget. There is no need to shorten your tip because of the budget or compromise on accommodations when holidaying in South East Asia. There are plenty of hotels that offer great services at much lower costs. Cyberjaya hotels make for a good choice where one can look forward to a very comfortable and enjoyable stay at very affordable costs. The locations are great, the rooms are clean and spacious, and the services are excellent. As the hotels are located near the market, it is very convenient to buy the necessities.

How much money do you need for a long-term trip to Southeast Asia?

When considering a long trip through Southeast Asia, you could easily spend about six month’s covering Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. One can base their daily expenses to anywhere between $30 to $100 depending on where they stay, the location and other preferences. Still, the whole budget for a long-term holiday could be well beyond $10,000 with flights and trip expenses.

  • On the Flights and Travel Insurance
    Expect to spend about $1500 to Southeast Asia and back. One can save a bit more by booking round-trip. However, on a more extended trip, one is usually not very sure about the dates and departure city. Moreover, it is too much of a hassle to change the flight times and destinations. Once you are in Southeast Asia, you can make good use of the public transport as you travel overland. Take advantage of cheaper airlines at times to save time. Expect to pay around $800 on Travel Insurance. While the expense may be annoying, it seems necessary should the worst occur.
  • On the travel gear and immunizations
    When it comes to travel immunizations, expect to spend about $350 out of your pocket. You might need to get rabies vaccinations or take Malaria pills. It is best to make a visit to the local county healthcare clinic to get the cheapest way possible for the immunization. As for the travel gear, it is advisable to carry a backpack that would cost about $200.
  • On food and accommodation
    When traveling in South East Asian countries, you will come across a great variety of street food. Don’t be afraid of choosing street food as it is fresh and prepared right in front of you. Moreover, it costs much less and tastes better. You can easily enjoy a hearty meal for about 2 dollars or even less! As for the accommodation, the coast can vary between $5-$20/day, deepening on where you want to stay. The rates also vary based on the location and the high/low season. Cambodia and Laos are the cheapest while Indonesia and Malaysia are the more expensive when it comes to hotels. You could stay in hostels, guesthouses or backpacker hostels. You could even opt for luxury hotels and boutique resorts. Citadines Dpulze Cyberjaya offers an excellent combination of luxury offered at reasonable costs. Amenities are great, and the rooms are clean and well maintained. Enjoy great facilities and services by a very hospitable staff.

You can keep the costs of the long-term tip well within your budget, provided you keep some tips in mind. For example, you could lower the accommodation costs by couch surfing for free or sleep in dorms. Avoid traveling by private or tourist coach and travel local. Abstain from alcoholic drinks and partying. Eat like locals and enjoy the fresh local food. Use cash or debit card that doesn’t charge fees.