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Irish Pub Basel

Leaving Switzerland isn’t necessary if you aim to gain the experience of visiting a true Irish pub in Basel. Auld Dubliner welcomes clients longing for the unique atmosphere of Irish culture. The pub holds its doors open for Basel tourists and guests. Auld Dubliner is the place erasing the borders – discover Ireland’s authenticity in the heart of Europe!

Feeling Irish authenticity

Auld Dubliner is the best place representing visitors with the unique opportunity to experience what it feels like to be in a true Irish pub. You’ll find this bar in Basel downtown. Without doubts, a visit to this place makes people feel like they’re somewhere in the heart of

the Irish capital city, Dublin!

This true Irish atmosphere is largely boosted by the astonishing and unique interior design by Mel McNally. The man knows literally everything about designing such institutions – he has already taken part in creating interiors and exteriors for over 1000 Irish pubs around the globe. We’re glad that this specialist helped Auld Dubliner to enhance the modern-day interior with Irish traditional design, boosted by bric a brac gathered in different parts of this beautiful country.

Feeling Irish authenticity isn’t just about witnessing it by visitor’s sight – hear how Ireland sounds! Auld Dubliner is a home for the most legendary Irish singers and bands. What can be a better Sunday evening than drinking beer and listening to the U-2 hits? You bet!

Tasting Irish authenticity

The beer menu is the first target of any visitor of any Irish pub or bar. Auld Dubliner display numerous beer variations. There are 14 variations crafted under unique traditional recipes. But the true pub isn’t just about beers. Auld Dubliner displays ciders, non-alcoholic beers, 34 variations of bottled beers, wines, cocktails, spritz, mocktails, whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, tequila, cognac, mezcal, cachaca, absinthe, sherry, liquors, amaro, grappa, soft drinks.

Guinness stout is, naturally, cherry on top of the drinks menu. Guinness stout is one of the most famous Irish things in the world. Crafted in 1759 in Arthur’s brewery, it has become a drink associated with Ireland forever. Numerous fans of Irish culture consider Guinness tout the only black gold in the world!

Auld Dubliner’s menu features American, European and Irish cuisine. Enjoy fish & chips, taste authentic Irish lamb stew, and don’t forget about white chocolate and Baileys cheesecake.


Auld Dubliner offers numerous weekly events. The pub also organizes special events devoted to ST. PATRICK’S Day on March 17-20 and Ciorcal Comhrá – 22.02, 08.03, 22.03. Every visitor can have a whale of a time because the pub is a two-storeyed building where everyone can enjoy.

Auld Dubliner is a sports pub with 27 TV sets on the second floor. Drink beer, enjoy the food and root for your favourite football or rugby team!