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Stunning French beach towns to visit in 2020

France’s long coastline is home to some of the world’s favorite seaside destinations. The turquoise waters, sandy shores, and tall cliffs beckon tourists from all over the world. Here is a look at some of the French coastal wonders we all wish we could be at.


The port city of Sète in southern France is sometimes known as the Venice of Languedoc. This resort town on the Mediterranean coast has a long and rich cultural history. Part of its heritage is its culinary traditions. The city is bordered by the vast Étang de Thau lagoon, which is an important source of fish and shellfish. Sète boasts many beaches, notably the Baleine beach, which is bordered by a pedestrian promenade. Tourists can easily get to Baleine beach from Sète by bike, and enjoy its fine sand and sparkling waters. Sète has its own museum called the Musée Paul Valéry, which showcases the city’s history as well as an art gallery. Visitors can also hike to the top of nearby Mont St Clair to get a wholesome view of the city.

The closest airport to Sète is the Cap d’Agde, Béziers, 28.7 km away. Another access point is the Méditerranée Airport in Montpelier, which is 29 km away. The best time to visit Sète is in August, when visitors can enjoy the festival of water jousting. The city offers many accommodation choices ranging from the very luxurious to the very affordable. Its culinary offerings are equally diverse.

Pigna, Haute-Corse

The island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea is world famous for its beaches. It is one of France’s 18 administrative regions. Pigna is an old village carved into the Corsican mountainside. Its paths lead down to the sandy shores nearby. The island of Corsica is rich in family traditions and local customs. It is famous for the civet de sanglier, a recipe made from wild boar. The town offers local dishes at its many restaurants including Restaurante La Santa, Restaurante La Voute, and Casa Musicale. The attractions of Pigna include Bodri beach, I’lle Rousse beach, Lozari beach, Algajola beach, and Calvi beach. Calvi is a narrow beach of fine sand. The water is crystal clear and the location is great for kids.

Pigna is close to Bastia, one of Corsica’s main ports for ferries to dock. Most visitors to Corsica take a ferry from the French mainland to Ajaccio, Calvi, or Bastia to arrive on the island. You can also arrive on a flight to a local airport at Ajaccio. The closest major Airport to Pigna is the Calvi-sainte-Catherine.


This fishing town has an interesting history. It is here that the Sun King, Louis XIV of France wedded Maria Theresa of Spain in 1660. The town is part of France’s Basque country. It is located on the country’s Atlantic coastline and fed by the river Nivelle and its tributaries. The location boasts a unique feature. Its beaches are protected from strong winds on three sides by sea walls. The sheltered natural harbor was an important port for centuries.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz has many attractions including Maison Louis XIV, Fort de Social, and Playa de Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Tourists can enjoy local delicacies such as a bowl of freshly caught mussels and sheep’s milk ice creams. The nearest airports to the town are the Sabastian (EAS) which is 11.4 km away, and Biarritz (BIQ) airport 14.3km away.

Ault, Somme

Located on the English Channel, Ault is close to the ports of Dieppe and Calais. The town has picturesque white chalk cliffs and pebble beaches. Ault’s traditional restaurants and bars offer a chance to enjoy the slow pace of life at a typical French coastal town with local food and drinks. With many beaches and a range of accommodation options Ault is a kid-friendly destination. The closest airport to Ault is the Dieppe-Saint-Aubin airport, 45.7 km away.

In summary

The French tourism industry employs thousands of seasonal workers, including migrants. Many of them use the Ria Money Transfer App to send remittances to their families living in other countries. Europe has recovered from the worst of the crisis and the French tourism industry is back on its feet. These beautiful French destinations and many others are already open to visitors from the EU and Schengen regions. We expect that international tourists from other continents would be welcomed soon too. As elsewhere, social distancing precautions remain in place to keep everyone safe.

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