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Tenerife: A Destination for Family Holidays

Tenerife. Only the sound of it sends you on a holiday mode – at least, if you are a tourist. Packed with a variety of activities and many wonderful things to see from the moment you step out of your Tenerife airport transfers, this is the perfect place to enjoy with your family.

And we have very good reasons for that.

The Tenerife Climate

Every brochure you see portrays Tenerife as a place with the perfect climate – and they are not exactly wrong. The sun is hot, but not scorching – so you will have the perfect chance to enjoy the day outdoors while getting a nice tan.

Tenerife is warm throughout most of the year – so regardless of when you choose to go on a vacation, you won’t need more than a light jacket. Summers are warm – but not unbearable – and winters are sun-kissed heavens compared to other parts of the globe. Plus, even if you decide to spend Christmas there, you will be able to feel the holiday.

Kids generally like this type of weather, mainly because it is easy on their skin. All you will need is generally just a little bit of sunscreen.

Swimming Pools and Beaches Galore

Nothing screams vacation more than going to the beach – which is why Tenerife is certainly the place to go with your family. There are many kid-friendly beaches out there – all of them packed with restaurants, sweet shops and souvenir stores.

Plus, you also have sea pools and palm tree wonderlands to enjoy. For example, if you go at the Garachico, you can spend the day exploring, swimming, or diving in the pools near the volcanic rocks.

Puerto de la Cruz also has an entertaining place for tourists – in the form of Lago Martianez. This man-made place is packed with pools and palm trees – one of its largest being the size of a small lagoon. Plus, the place features fountains that are so beautiful, they “explode” almost like a volcanic eruption. And these places can be easily reached with airports taxis Tenerife.

The Place Packed With Activities

If you are visiting Tenerife with your family, chances are that you will never be bored. In fact, there are so many things for you to do that you won’t have the time to do it.

Are you interested in marine life? In that case, you can watch the dolphins and whales go around in their natural habitat. Or maybe you want to see the camels. Yes, you can ride a camel on the subtropical trail, if you want. The island is also packed with zoos, adventure parks, spas – and many other places that will certainly make your holiday.

Regardless if you are looking for an adventurous family vacation or a less nerve-wrecking one, Tenerife has something for every preference. You may want to ensure you stay for at least a week – because weekends are not enough to enjoy all of Tenerife’s beauty. The warm weather, the welcoming locals – it’s a place that makes you want to celebrate life.