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The reality of retiring to Spain, why it is so popular

The image of the Brit retiring to Spain has almost become a cliché it is so trite and expected. It is well worth examining why that is. As like many other cliches the reason it is so commonplace is because it is so true. Spain has a huge amount to offer for those looking to invest in a retirement property.

With retirement it is not so much that all your priorities change but there is increased focus on just what is important. Having spent a life working hard to put something by there is a desire to get the best value from that and still enjoy all the things that matter.

Quality of life is all about a healthy, comfortable enjoyment of the things life has to offer. During retirement access to good quality health care is important. To continue living a healthy life there must be access to modern medical support when required. A favourable climate means less chance of seasonal colds and flu and allows the further health benefits of regular, outdoor exercise in the fresh air. In retirement ensuring money goes as far as possible is another key consideration. A peaceful and secure environment is important, no one wants to retire to a higher crime area. And in retirement a range of options to occupy time must be factored in.

When it comes to healthcare the system in Spain is ranked as the 7th best in the world. This means there are world class facilities and medical staff on hand. The total health spending in Spain as a percentage of GDP is slightly above the OECD average and this is reflected in the quality of the service itself. Spain has an essentially free universal health care system as well as plenty of private practitioners.

As far as climate goes areas in the Costa Blanca benefit from over 320 days of sunshine, an average temperature of no lower than 18 degrees centigrade and the nearby, invigorating sea breeze. For a retirement point of view the Spanish climate is practically perfect.

The standard of living in Spain is exceptionally good yet the cost of living is significantly lower than in the UK. Both day to day life and assets such as properties cost less in Spain than in the United Kingdom. This certainly provides more value for money when thinking about purchasing a home in which to retire.

According to the NationMaster comparative crime statistics total crimes per 1,000 of the population are 5 times lower in Spain than in the UK. Violent crime of murder is 85% higher in the UK than in Spain. Overall, this makes the Spanish environment a very appealing place for a peaceful and safe life.

As for activities to occupy the time the various Spanish towns provide everything a world citizen could require. For nature lovers there are country hikes, mountains to climb. There are beaches to enjoy both vibrant public ones and more secluded shelters far from the madding crowd. The rich, eclectic mixture of the communities in the more popular regions ensures that in terms of social and sporting clubs and venues there is all one could wish for.

Spain is the retirement property destination of choice for many British people for a whole host of very good reasons.