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5 Common Issues a Home Inspection Can Reveal

A home inspection is a very important step in the home buying process. If the inspection is done by a professional, it will show defects that you could not have found out on your own. The inspector will also give recommendations which will enable you to take the best course of action. Without a proper inspection, you might buy a property with defects that will drain your pocket with repairs.

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Below are some common issues revealed by a home inspection:

1. Poor drainage

Water issues can come in many ways, but the most common is poor drainage. This is an indication that the home has an inadequate surface grading which causes water to pool around the house instead of flowing away. Eventually, this issue can result in foundation problems. Homes should be constructed in a way that water flows away from the structure.

2. Electrical issues

Electrical issues are also very common in home inspections. For instance, older homes can feature outdated wiring and inadequate breakers to handle modern demands. In addition, some older homes may not be grounded or have DIY upgrades which can be very dangerous. If these issues are not detected, you might be required to do an entire rewiring, which is very costly.

3. Roofing

Since roofing renovations are costly, most homeowners change their roofs when it becomes absolutely necessary. Some neglect even simple fixes such as broken shingles. A qualified inspector should inspect the roof both internally and externally. This way, they will be able to identify current and old leaks and other issues such as missing flashing or shingles.

4. HVAC problems

Heating and air conditioning system should also be considered in a home inspection. A thorough inspection can identify issues such as blocked chimneys, clogged filters, and broken controls, among others. These issues are not only costly to address, but they can also endanger your health.

5. Weak foundation

Foundation problems are very difficult to detect and are extremely expensive to repair. An experienced inspector should be able to identify a weak foundation. Some of the things that may indicate a faulty foundation may include sloping floors, separating brick and mortar, etc.