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Explore popular Skyscrapers of Dubai

Dubai is an ideal destination for luxury shopping, relaxing and seeing some of the world’s popular architectural landscapes. The tourists can experience watching some of the tallest buildings in Dubai and iconic attractions. There is Burj Khalifa in Dubai that is the tallest tower and dominates the skyscraper- filled skyline of Dubai. The tourists can find many other skyscrapers, which are tall and beautiful and make Dubai even more attractive to visit. For the people looking for adventure, there is an option of desert safari tour in Dubai. It is very popular among the tourists visiting the city and makes the trip very memorable. Along with various skyscrapers in Dubai, there is also a resort called Atlantis, The Palm that is situated just offshore the artificial islands. There are various other places that are beautiful and are the must visit places for the tourists coming to Dubai.

The adventurous desert safari in Dubai is the most sought after activity for the tourists as it gives a very unique and different experience. Once the sun sets in, the desert looks awe- inspiring and beautiful and this attracts many people to back to the desert to watch the sand dunes during the sun set. The desert can be an ideal place to spend an evening with the loved as it gives various options for the tourists. You can take Jeep riding in the morning and experience the thrill on the sand dunes. There is also an option of camel riding that is an ultimate experience for many people as it is very rare to find camel anywhere else. After the adventurous day in the desert, the tourists can experience the sunset having delicious food that is served to the guests. There are also entertainers that make your stay in the desert fruitful. The tourists can also spend a night in the desert just gazing at the stars that give an ultimate experience. The Jeep riding and camel riding can also be done in the night to experience the thrill in the dark.

Dhow cruise is very popular among the tourists as it offers to experience the iconic attraction of Dubai in the night time. Dhow cruise sails smoothly and gently on the seas and make the trip very comfortable for the guests. They are welcomed in a royal way to experience Dubai in the night. Dhow cruise dinner in Dubai is the perfect way to have the delicious Arabic food while on the cruise. The cruise offers a lot of options for entertainment. The traditional dancers on board will entertain you and show you the rich culture and traditions of Dubai. The tourists can also enjoy the food on the open deck of the cruise while watching Dubai’s scenic beauty in the night with the light music in the background.

Musandam is a very beautiful place and is at the top of the list for many tourists. There are many port cities that offer scenic beauty along with the pleasant climate. With the mountain ranges surrounding, the tourists can relax and enjoy their stay at the islands. It is the popular destination for nature lovers as there are lots of flora and fauna. Book a Musandam tour, it offers you a lot of adventurous activities such as snorkelling, parasailing, fishing and much more. The tourists can actually experience the marine life with varieties of fishes.

Renting a yacht in Dubai gives you an ultimate experience of living a luxurious life for a day. Yacht charter in Dubai offers you various amenities in a yacht and they provide yacht of different sizes according to the need. The tourists can rent a yacht to celebrate the wedding anniversary, throw a birthday party or can organize a business meeting. The tourists can also opt for a premium yacht that has a swimming pool, a kitchen, private bathroom and an open deck for enjoying the party watching the seas.