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Home Decorating Don’ts: 6 Things You Should NEVER Do

Nowadays, most people are relying on the internet to find new decorating ideas for their homes. However, before you start shopping for the things you need, make sure you do not commit a decorating faux pas.

The following mistakes can make a good interior design look out of place

1. Decorating without a plan

Embarking on home decoration without a plan can leave it looking less appealing. Therefore, before making any purchases, make sure you have outlined the things you need to make your home beautiful and functional at the same time. For instance, you can start by picking a colour scheme and a design style. These two factors will influence the purchases you make.

2. Painting without testing

Not all colours will match with your walls. So, to avoid costly errors, make sure you properly test the colours before painting. Just paint some large samples on the walls you plan to cover and notice how the colour compares with the flooring, countertops and other elements of the house.

3. Hanging things at the wrong height

Hanging curtains and artwork at the wrong height is a very common design mistake. For example, most people hang pieces of artwork too high. However, pictures should be hanged at the eye level. Even though the eye level can vary depending on a person, the standard is about 60 inches.

4. Too small rugs

To get the right size for the room, consider the following guidelines.

  • Living room- It should be large enough such that most furniture sits comfortably on the rug.
  • Dining room- The chairs should be pulled out of the table while the legs are still on the rug.
  • Bedroom- It should allow your feet to land on it on both sides of the bed when you get up.

5. Not layering the lighting

You might be living in a bad lighting condition even without knowing it. The best way to get perfect lighting is to put different types of lighting in layers at different levels across the room.

6. Buy matching set

One-stop shopping may seem like the best way to decorate your home. However, your home should express your taste and personality and not look like a page from your favourite website or magazine.

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