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9 Things to keep in mind when traveling to Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the best tourist attractions in Australia. Wildlife lovers here is the place you will meet all kinds of your favorite wildlife.  Melbourne is also famous for having the best playgrounds, foodies, and road trappers, shopping malls and everything tourists love.

A holiday in Melbourne is an activity-filled vacation and all you got to carry back home with you are unforgettable memories. However, before you pack your bags ready for a trip to this amazing destination, you need to take your time and find out more information about it. We’ve made that easy for you by compiling 9 things you need to keep in mind when traveling to Melbourne.

1. Understand the Flight Time

Do you plan to visit Melbourne from Hong Kong this upcoming holiday? The plane is the cheapest and fastest way to go about this although there are other transport means of getting there. The flight time from Hong Kong to Melbourne with Cathay Pacific takes about 10h 57m covering a total distance of 567 km. That is the fastest time though other planes can take longer to cover the distance if everything else is held constant. Make sure you understand this well before embarking on your journey so that you can prepare both physically and mentally to reach your destination without any problems.

2. You Require a Visa

If you’ve managed to travel to other parts of the world without a visa, that won’t be possible in Melbourne. No matter how long you intend to spend in Melbourne, you should ensure you possess a valid visa. To avoid the last hour rush, apply for an online visa such as eVisitor visa, visitor visa, or even Electronic Travel Authority visa at your convenience.

3. Park for All Seasons

Melbourne is known for having different weather seasons. The weather can be unpredictable sometimes, that’s why you need to pack all-seasons clothes just in case things don’t turn out as you expect. Park heavy cloths such as raincoats, layers, and boots that will make you stay comfortable during windy, rainy and chilly weather. You’ll need these kinds of clothes when you visit the more frozen places like Tasmania, Victoria, and even Queensland.

Also, remember that some places in Melbourne can be too hot hence you need to pack some summer clothes for your comfort. Don’t worry about carrying a large luggage as long as you’re comfortable.

4. Think of Refreshments at Top Restaurants

Feeding needs is a vital thing to keep in mind when traveling to a place. A vacation in Melbourne is filled with all kinds of foodies. You can rest in the top class restaurants such as Greek Tavern, Pope Joan, and village People Hawker Food Hall.

The good thing with these restaurants is that they offer every kind of meal at a pocket-friendly price. If you are the lover of the strange dishes like Ezard, Grossi Florentino, and even Saxe, then a trip to Melbourne is the place to be as you will enjoy every kind of delicacy.

5. Prepare to Explore Amazing Places

Yarra Valley is one of the exploring sites when you tour Melbourne. The place does not only have a cold climate, but it also has beautiful stones to bust on. From Melbourne city, you can easily access the venue by car for under an hour.

What makes many people love to tour this place is that you can easily access it using the bus tours which add to the adventure.  Besides the Yarra valley, you can explore the Great Ocean Road. This is another great destination ready to make your stay at Melbourne a memorable experience.

6. Enjoy the Late-Night Drinks

Melbourne is a famous place in Australia known for tasty cocktails. The place has 24 hours of operating bars. If you are cocktail lovers, expect to get an unlimited supply when traveling to Melbourne. The place has well supplied best late-night bars such as Heartbreaker, Electric union bar, Bar Margaux, among others.

Moreover, the bars are also well known for hosting live band musicians and actors. It’s a wonderful place to be if you love dancing and partying. Prepare your dancing shoes to have the best night of your lifetime.

7. Many Museums and Galleries are Free

Melbourne has advanced museums and galleries with a well preserved human history over millions of years ago. These museums have the discoveries of treasures, world history, and people’s cultures remain. The good news is that you don’t have to pay a penny to spend time at some of these museums and galleries.

These museums and galleries are also distinguished, depending on the ages of the visitors.  You can quickly get the museums specifically for children as well as those for adults. So, if you’re planning a family vacation, be sure that you’re going to have a wonderful time with your little ones.

8. Shopping is great during Day Time

Since many people love going shopping whenever they go for a tour, Melbourne doesn’t deny you that luxury. The city has high-end boutiques and malls where you can do shopping with ease. What you need to keep in mind is that most of these boutiques open with a schedule.

Most of the boutiques closes up the selling activities on early Monday -Wednesday, then resume on Saturday-Sunday morning.  If you’re a late-night shopper, you can get some of the opened shops on Thursday and Friday up to 9 pm.

To ensure great shopping while in Melbourne, It is vital to keep this in mind so that you make your arrangements on how to visit the respected boutiques and shops and get your favorite items.

9. Get into the Coffee Culture.

Are you looking forward to exploring the best coffee drink during your vacation? Melbourne has the best coffee drinks in the whole of Australia.  The city has many restaurants competing in the production of excellent and reliable coffee drinks. This leaves behind memorable exploration to everyone who has tested the Melbourne coffee. Therefore, if you’re a coffee lover, this should be one of the essential things to keep in mind whenever you step on the Melbourne city of Australia.