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Communication In The Age Of New Technology 

The technology available now has definitely had an impact on the way we view and perceive our world. Gone are the days of snail mail and fax machines that were at the pinnacle of personal communication performance for their era. Today we use emails and smartphones with dedicated apps for texting and viewing online content.

It’s not just the man on the street that has had to change and adapt to new technologies to convey ideas and communicate with the world that has been made smaller than ever before. Big businesses and corporations have gone from conventional communication portals to the World Wide Web, where it is becoming increasingly challenging to stand out in a sea of content.

The New Media 

Traditional media like the print industry is dying a slow and decaying death. It will eventually be made obsolete, and even traditional media sources like news agencies have taken to new media, such as online news websites, which hope to carry the agency into the next era of communication.

Our new world reality proves that it’s working; as more and more people accept that the world is online. We are changing the world without even knowing it, we are creating a new norm through the new age devices available to us that we use constantly in our quest to complete daily tasks.

People have become obsessed with the convenience that new technology offers us on a daily basis. With tons of content online and the chance to play at an NZD casino at anytime, anywhere, we are fostering shorter attention spans and demanding instant gratification at all times. In new media, people are taking to social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest news offerings around the globe.

An American study has revealed how people consume media online, and the results are as follows. 11% of people pay for news online, 26% of people accessed it through a smartphone and 32% shared news attorneys through email channels and social media platforms.

Digital Marketing Has Taken Over

It’s not just news agencies and print media that have had to adapt their strategy to survive in a new world, where technology and the Internet govern marketing. Digital marketing is the future and the once eager cold caller can and should retire his suite.

Digital marketing is driving the majority of revenue. The majority of potential customers live online and consume their goods directly from their most viewed sources like Facebook. Think about it, if the average person has 200 friends on Facebook and you connect your campaign to over 5000 people, which means your potential reach is over a million people.

It has never been easier to reach the masses than it is today, and that is why the Internet has the power to change your business from a small enterprise into a global giant. It is however not as easy as it looks, Social Media platforms are loaded with content and you really need to be creatively unique to stand out from the crowd.

New Age Communication Devices 

In the world of new age communication, where technology and humanity meet and intertwine with interesting technology that learns and grows from humanity, there are some nifty devices to access the online world.

The world was shocked when the personal computer was rapidly available for home use. Then the Internet revolutionized the use of the PC and slowly but surely technology has managed to make the world mobile.

Smartphones and tablets are the most opted for device to access the online world, even though there have been some spectacular flops along the way. Even though desktop computers and laptops excel in the workplace, the way mobile devices afford people with true convenience should not be overlooked. It’s for this reason that static devices will eventually die in the workplace and mobile devices will most likely replace static URL machines for work functionality and diversity.

Technology Has Bridged The World

It’s fact; technology has bridged the gap in the world, making it smaller and allowing business and people to extend themselves across the planet with a few simple clicks.

Software programs like Skype have made it easy for professionals to communicate with people halfway around the world in love time. Social platforms link friends and family. New devices afford us with more freedom and on the whole it’s easier than ever before to get up and get out there.