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Basic Apparel For Cruise Riding

I used to wonder what a cruiser is and what it looks like when I was younger. It was only when I was in my teenage years that I get to know what a cruiser is through the movies I watched in the cinema. But time has changed and so are the designs

Today’s modern cruisers still retain a few outstanding features that make them different from other motorcycles. A cruiser has a low seat with a mid or forward foot controls. The gas tank is placed slightly higher than the low seat. The rider sits upright in a relaxed position without having to hunch forward to reach the handlebars. A cruiser is all about taking time to enjoy a comfortable ride and at the same time getting to feel and enjoy the bike.

You can carry a passenger or your luggage on your cruise whether for short or for long distance ride. A cruiser is meant for open road cruising and not meant for racing. When it comes to dressing for the cruise rides, you will need safe and comfortable apparel before getting on your bike. You can easily get your cruiser and Harley gear from most motorcycle websites or shops.

Even though you will not be speeding on your cruiser, you will still need a good quality safety approved helmet to protect your head and face if there is an accident. In fact, wearing a helmet protects your ears and eyes from the wind to enable you to hear and see better. A full face helmet is able to keep dust or bugs from hitting your face or get into your eyes. Wearing a brightly coloured helmet makes you clearly visible to other motorists. Besides a helmet, you should also have a pair of riding goggles and rain suit.

The following are some recommended basic apparel for bikers. You can check these items at which has daily deals for their valued customers.

  • Bike Jacket – There are leather and textile jackets. Leather jacket is the more popular, more durable and abrasion resistance. Textile jackets are lighter, more flexible and waterproof.
  • Bike Boots – A good pair of leather boots that are durable, comfortable, and protective. The height of the boots should be at least over the ankle.
  • Bike Gloves – A pair of good quality padded road biking gloves to absorb shock to keep you more comfortable on a long ride.

If you are looking for motorbike apparel for cruising, you can find the full selection here at Bike Bandit or other websites depending on what you are looking for. Check out the many brands and designs of these apparel.