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Best Celebrity Holidays Destinations

Whether the world is going through economic crisis or not, there is always a group of people that can afford to spend holidays in any part of the world. These people are our very own celebrities! Movie and television stars, football players or singers, they all need a little break at some point. But have you ever wondered where these famous people spend their holidays? Let’s take a look at some of the top celebrity holiday destinations below.

Necker Island

Necker Island is a private island owned by the British businessman, Richard Branson. It was later on transformed into a resort full of luxury and indulgence. Surrounded by a turquoise sea and exquisite beaches, it is a favourite destination rented out entirely by celebrities like Steven Spielberg and Mel Gibson. It is a great choice for those who love the great outdoors and nature.


Welcome to the French Riviera in the town of Saint-Tropez! It is a place where you can easily walk in. Enjoy a wonderful time on the waterfront which is full of cafes and shops with elite offerings at heady prices. Taste the popular rose wines of Provence at Chateau Minuty Rose Cuvee De L’Oratoire. This town became famous due to the actress, Bridget Bardot and is now a hot destination for celebrities and elites. It is also a preferred destination for Penelope Cruz and Paris Hilton.

Maui Island

Experience the magic of nature on Maui Island, Hawaii. As the second largest Hawaiian island, Maui has a small population but is also known as the Magic Isle because of its breath-taking views. If you are looking for a sophisticated diversion in a small intimate town, this destination is the perfect choice. In Lahaina, make the most of the different museums, shops and restaurants.

Explore the 81 beaches along the shoreline which is about 120 miles! Admire the lovely view at the Iao Needle in Iao Valley to enjoy nature at its best. Since this island is so unique, it is no wonder why our celebrities love to spend holidays there. You can also relax with nature themed games at Spin and Win online casino, such as Shore Thing Pull Tab which takes you to a lovely beach under the blue sky while you pull the tabs to reveal the symbols and win!


Discover an exotic city with a Latin feel to it called Miami. Being one of the most populous city in Florida, it is a major city in Southern United States. The city’s exoticism is due to its pastel-coloured Coral Gables architecture and genuine Cuban community in Little Havana. Explore miles and miles of pristine beaches and other attractions like the Seaquarium, Gator Park and Metrozoo. Full of palatial homes, hip clubs, restaurants and beautiful beaches, Miami is definitely a great destination for celebrities as well as common people.


Are you a fan of posh destinations? Then, Dubai is a perfect choice. This city has grown rapidly into a centre of commerce and communications. It is surrounded by skyscrapers, luxury hotels and mosques. Get a VIP treatment at the Dubai Shopping Festival where you not only enjoy shopping but also world-class entertainment. Pay a visit to Heritage Village where you can watch the locals enjoying their traditional song and dance. Since Dubai is a unique and colourful city, many celebrities love to spend holidays there, especially on the famous cruise ships that allow them to discover the city in a new way.

So, with such unique destinations around the world, our celebrities are able to relax and take a break from their busy professional lives. They are also able to spend more time with their families. How about taking some time off to plan a holiday at one of these destinations, just like the famous celebrities?