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Camper Trailer Storage Ideas

Sneaking in a few storage solutions will transform the way that you go about your next camping trip! You might have got your camping routine down, but we could all always do more when it comes to organisation. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoors pro or you’re just starting out and you’re looking to maximise the way that you camp, these handy camper trailer storage ideas are going to help you out ten fold. Keep reading for all the storage hacks that you need to get trying for your camper trailer now…

Create a Checklist

Firstly you need to know what exactly you’re working with before you can organise it effectively. Take stock of your camping gear that you always have ready to go and create a comprehensive checklist for both your personal packing and your food. Knowing what you’ve got is so handy and a great camping habit to get into. You can use a print out, find a list guide online or create your own.

Downsize Where Possible

Once you can actually see what you have and how much you’ve got to pack, you can start to decipher what really needs to come along for the ride. It is so easy to overpack when heading to the campsite, and it’s one of the most prohibiting and annoying consequences of disorganisation. Try and streamline your packing to just your essentials first and add on a minimal amount once you see how much space and storage your absolute must-haves take up both in your packing and in your trailer. Downsizing means you can travel lighter and live a fuss free lifestyle, so it’s well worth the sacrifices!

Invest in Containers

Getting organised doesn’t mean only getting rid of things, you also get to invest in some shiny new storage containers! Invest in high quality, sturdy containers for your camper and your kitchen (whatever that looks like for you) and watch your organisation and cleanliness shoot up. This doesn’t have to be super expensive, invest within your means.

Install Shelving

Having extra shelving comes in very handy and helps to keep that camper interior clear of clutter. Install one or two shelves to add to your camper trailer interior and you’ll have an ideal spot to rest all of your essentials or items that you find yourself reaching for every time you head out of the door.

Add Hooks

A few adhesive hooks here and there make perfect spots to place your coats, hats and towels when they’re not in use. These will keep damp pieces of clothing nice and dry after rainy spells or swimming, too.

Roll Clothing, Fold Sheets

This is a packing classic but my oh my does it make a huge impact when you’re done! Rolling up your clothing instead of folding saves room, clutter and avoids unnecessary crinkles that often creep up during transit. It can also be super tempting to just chuck your bedsheets and towels into one big messy heap, but you should really avoid this as it takes up so much room in your packing it’s crazy. Instead, fold them nice and neatly and place them either at the bottom or the top of your suitcase.

Vacuum Packing

You can always vacuum pack clothing to minimise the space that it takes up in your baggage! This one is for the hardcore space savers.

Keep it Clean

Last but not least, cleanliness. Keeping things clean and clear will help all of your storage work shine and really make the positive impact that you hoped for when you were preparing everything.

Follow these camper trailer ideas for storage for a neat, organised and memorable trip, every time.