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How to dress a newborn baby at the beach?

Are you planning for a day out at the beach with your entire family? Right about now, you may be wondering if it is a good idea to take your newborn baby along.

The baby’s safety is one of the biggest priorities for any parent, whether in the house or when going out. Many parents find themselves buying all sorts of sun protective gear and born baby clothes when they bring their baby to the beach for the first time. But, are all these a good idea?

If you are heading to the beach with your newest family member, the biggest concern is too much heat from the summer sunlight. Older children and adults can withstand being exposed to high temperatures for a long time. However, the baby’s body would find cooling-off harder, especially if the temperatures hit above 70 degrees. Not to forget that smaller bodies can dehydrate much faster than larger ones.

Additionally, your baby’s skin is very delicate. Leaving it exposed to direct sun rays at the beach for a long while can result in sunburns, among other skin damages. Apart from that, ultraviolet rays can lead to eye damage that may not be irreversible. It may be a great idea to take you time dressing your child before heading to the beach for all these reasons.

How to Dress a Newborn Baby at the Beach

When going to the beach with your newborn baby, it is important to pick the right newborn baby clothes to protect their delicate skin from too much exposure to sunlight. Here are a few guidelines on how to dress your baby for a day out at the beach.

Baby Sunglasses

If you are heading out to the beach with your child, one of the things you need to do is dress them in sunglasses to protect their eyes against direct UV light. Newborn babies are more susceptible to damaging UV light as their eyes are still developing. Without protection sunglasses, there is an increased risk of retinal injury, among other future eye problems. Not to forget that babies look adorable wearing those little glasses. For those reasons, ensure you dress your child in sunglasses when heading to the beach.

Long-Brimmed Hats

Another essential piece of newborn baby clothes that you need to have for your baby when at the beach is a long-brimmed hat or a legionnaire cap. The primary role of these hats is to protect the baby’s face from direct sunlight. Same as their eyes, your baby’s skin is thin and delicate, making it more susceptible to damaging sun rays. These long brimmed hats cover the entire face, ears and neck to ensure your baby is protected from UV light.

Clothing that Covers Body, Arms and Legs

While sunglasses and long-brimmed hats can protect your baby’s face and head from sunlight, there is nothing much they could do about the rest of the body. For that reason, it may be sound to invest in clothes that cover the entire body the next time you go out shopping for baby attires. Same as the hats, these clothes prevent harmful UV light from reaching the baby’s skin. Ensure the clothes are light enough to provide protection but avoid making it too hot for the baby.


The biggest concern when heading to the beach with your baby is exposure to sunlight rays. Dressing your baby in sunglasses, long-brimmed hats and clothes that cover the entire body is essential in protecting them against harmful UV rays. Ensure you keep the baby hydrated all the time, especially if the temperatures are high.