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How To Move Large Items Across Country

Moving large and oversize items

There are numerous transportation options to shippers in the market today. However, if this is the first time you want to ship something like moving your possessions across country, you may find shipping prices confusing, especially when you need to move large items. If your shipment is heavier than 70 lbs, it may be difficult to find the cheapest way to ship large packages. If you want to ship appliances, machinery, or a large volume of goods, it’s likely that your shipment won’t fit into standard parcel shipping. Fret not because there are many reliable and affordable shipping platforms such as Shiply that can be helpful.

What is a large shipment?

Large items are classified as freight because they cannot be shipped as normal packages through the mail. If your shipment weighs more than 150 lbs, exceeds 108 inches in length and 165 inches in girth, it is considered as freight shipment.

What is the best way to ship large and heavy items?

Whenever you are thinking about a way to move items, start by looking at your budget. Less Than A Truckload (LTL) shipping mode is the most popular way to ship goods at a reasonable price.  This option lets you save money by sharing trailer space with other shippers and still getting your shipment delivered safe and on-time.

How to Ship Large or Oversized Items

There are several steps one can take to make big shipments across the US and the world, and they include:

  1. Package Your Item Properly

This is the first important step in shipping heavy and oversized items. Items such as a boat, for instance, would be transported domestically on specialized trucks, as would large vehicles, heavy pallets and other big equipment. Being bulky, you would want to make sure that your packages can withstand vibrations in transit, getting accidentally dropped, temperature changes, and compressions.

  • Package them in strongly constructed boxes with stitched or stapled seams, instead of glued seams.
  • Seal the boxes with heavy-duty tapes. Reinforce the taping by applying them multiple times, especially the seams.
  • Use engineered foam enclosures and customized corrugated board to cushion the contents of your heavy package. Avoid using crumpled paper as they might not be able to protect your items.
  • If possible, double the box. The packed box can be slipped into a larger box.  Pad the empty space around the carton with adequate cushioning.
  1. Take Measurements

The size plays a significant role in calculating the rates to pay for shipping oversized items. It is important to measure the packages properly. Knowing the length, width, and height of the packages will give offer a more accurate rate.

  1. Weigh The Item

Many shipping rates are calculated according to the weight of the item being shipped. Shipments are usually weighed in pounds and obviously, the heavier they are, the more expensive they will be to ship.

  1. Choose a convenient shipping service

Online shipping services will often simplify the entire process for you. A good and reliable shipping company should have a wide network of carriers, provide shipping rates, and assist you in arranging the moving of your possessions. If you already have information about your shipment, you can enter all of the information in for a personalized quote to compare rates and see what the best options are for you.

  1. Book and Pay

Once you have decided on the option that offers you the cheapest way to move your spossession, provide them with all the necessary information. Simply book, pay and arrange pickup and delivery time.