Boi From Troy

How to Plan a Musical Trip

So, your favorite band is playing across the continent, and you have to get there. How do you plan an entire trip on such short notice, what parts do you focus on? What do you get?

Well, these are all pertinent questions. However, you must be ready for challenges when you start packing. Traveling on short notice is never going to be easy. Here, are just a few tips, to smooth the road.

1. Plan it out

Sit down on a vacation planner website and plan out your trip. TripHobo will help you in that regard. Once, you have got the list of places you will be visiting, get yourself a hotel you would be resting in. Sure, tenting out on the concert ground is fun, but, you do need toiletries and some sleep.

2. Travel light

Do you need that tenth band t-shirt for a two-day trip? Make smart decisions and travel as bare as you can. Usually, music concerts mean you have to be moving around a lot. This way, you can concentrate on being on the move without worrying about the luggage, every time you leave.

3. Buy yourself snacks

Quick travel plan which involves long hours of sitting? Snacks are one of your best bets to pass the time. Also, if something happens on the road, you would not starve. So, get yourself some light snacks on the go. Preferably, something that will not be spoiled on the way.

4. Get your best shoes

It’s your favorite band! You are traveling through the continent for them! The right pair of sneakers can make a world of difference at music concerts. You spend most of the day on your feet, so focus on getting something warm and comfortable, so that you don’t have to sit out due to pain.

5. Say no to drugs

Sure, you need drugs for getting yourself into the music. However, you also need drugs to get arrested. There’s nothing more traumatic than missing your favorite concert because you ended up in jail. Concentrate on the music, and don’t buy drugs at the show.

6. Be street-smart

Buying local food at eateries outside the concert in your best bet. This way you avoid the massively overpriced food at the festival, and you can save money to buy that merchandise. Supporting the band comes first, always.

7. Keep your phones in

Look, immortalizing a moment is Okay. That’s why we get like a thousand professional photographers at every music event. Now, you get to click pictures, sure. But, midway through a band’s set, if you go for clicking photographs and disturb the mood, you are not much of a fan.
Get yourself in gear. Sure, but, enjoy with everyone else.

Musical concerts are fun affairs. You have to be a bit careful and keep your head in check, so nothing goes out of turn, and it turns out exactly the way you pictured it. Don’t compromise on your trip, and enjoy yourself.