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Instagrammable destinations for the bespoke traveler

Want to get more out of the limited time you have available for travel? In our opinion, you should approach your planning this way: if the destination doesn’t have a ton of amazing Instagram opportunities, why waste your time?

By scanning your feed for the best candidates, you will be able to refresh your love for travel, as the whole point of leaving home is to see something truly remarkable.

Michael Briese has the same attitude towards travel, as he is avid Instagram user. After a while, the finance professional decided to take his account seriously, and as a result, he has now turned into an influencer of sorts.

Want to do the same? This article will uncover some of the most Instagram-friendly destinations out there today, so pay attention and take notes on some of the physically stunning places on this planet.

1) Saint Lucia

Don’t have much time? Fortunately for us Americans, the Caribbean has placed plenty of amazing islands within a few short hours of home. To save you the time and effort of searching, though, may be suggest Saint Lucia?

As bespoke backdrops go, The Pitons are among the best, and you’ll likely have a great view of them from the villa you end up hiring.

While Saint Lucia has its fair share of amazing beaches, don’t limit yourself to them if you have the itch to do other things. In the island’s center, you’ll find some stunning hot springs located amidst the lush greenery of this island’s interior jungle.

Made piping hot by magma that flows just beneath the water table, you’ll have a spa experience while being enveloped by the sounds of one of the Caribbean’s most wild places.

2) The Maldives

Want to ramp up the exoticism a few more notches? There is no better place to do that than in The Maldives.

Spanning over hundreds of miles of the tropical Indian Ocean, you’ll find the peace you are looking for, as well as plentiful Instagram shooting opportunities.

With many of their resorts being made from local materials, palm trees that droop to the water’s edge, and no other isles on the horizon, you’ll have to remind yourself to put your phone away at some point.

Your private quarters will be just as stunning, with the fine furniture and impossibly soft linens on your bed being just a few of the highlights.

In the central compound, chefs will serve up meals that will have you hauling out your phone again – just make sure you wait to post your picture until after the meal, as there is nothing sadder than cold food.

3) Seychelles

Looking for islands that are just a bit bigger, but just as stunning? Give the Seychelles a try – Will and Kate did, and they loved it.

If you love beaches, you will be spoiled, though you should note that it will turn you into a beach snob, as every other one you see from this point forward will have some flaw you’ll suddenly notice.

Away from the water, there is plenty of culinary diversity to be found here, so have fun hopscotching from African Creole favorites to Indian to fine French cuisine.

However, it truly is the beaches that steal the show here. Grow that following by taking tons of shots of highlights like Anse Source d’Argent – seriously, don’t miss that place … it’s amazing!