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Small Fixes to Facilitate a Home Sale

One of the most common renovation projects of homeowners preparing to sell a house is retiling floor. Although paint is a quicker and cheaper means to make a significant change, new homeowners pay particular attention to the floors of a home when they tour it for the first time.

Have you ever watched a home show where the couple visits a home for sale and is completely turned off by the carpet? Unfortunately, this easy to fix, cosmetic issue can deter a lot of potential buyers. For those of us who understand how small the issue is, we must take the opportunity to avoid any minor issue that could potentially turn home buyers away.

There are many inexpensive changes you can make that will improve your chance of selling your house. These include:

  1. Fix cracks or peeling paint on ceilings and walls. Even if it is just a case of old paint, the homeowner could become concerned that a crack resulted from a leak.
  2. Power wash your home. Just removing the dirt and grime can make your home look new again.
  3. Clean the garage. A clean and clear garage gives the impression of having lots of room for storage.
  4. Update old tile floors with clean, simple tiles that are durable.
  5. Trim overgrown bushes. How your home looks from the street will determine whether a potential buyer decides to come in and look around.
  6. Change cabinet doors. Even if you can’t afford a full kitchen renovation, you might be able to update the look with new doors and knobs relatively inexpensively. Some cabinets can be painted, which offers a big savings and incredible impact.
  7. Clean bathrooms thoroughly. The appearance of mold in the shower or bathtub sends the message that it is old and requires work. Sometimes removing old silicone and applying a fresh bead is enough to make the tile look new again.

You can also make a major impact by removing clutter. Remove items from counters and furniture tops that are personal. People want to walk in and imagine their own belongings in the home. You can either pack those items up or have a garage sale to make some cash from items you don’t want to take with you.

Often, a real estate agent will suggest a to do list when you sign with him or her. They know the pet peeves home buyers have and can identify the issues that stand out to them in your home.

Naturally, if you have other issues that could hold up a sale such as a leaky roof or faulty heating system, if you can repair those things ahead of time, you will save yourself time and spare yourself from losing a sale. Even if an issue is minor, often it doesn’t take much to give the wrong impression. People may think that small things that are obvious are signs of other hidden problems. If you can create a better first impression, you have a much better chance of closing the sale.