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The Ultimate Guide to Gap Year Glory

Your gap year is right of passage that will help to shape you into the person you are meant to become by experiencing new cultures, landscapes, and people. So, when it comes to planning your epic time away to go out and find yourself in the big beautiful world, you need to know where to start and what to do. To give you a hand with this, this quick and easy guide will aid you in making the right choices for your vacation to ensure you have the time of your life and come back with the best memories ever.

Get inspired

First of all, if you are still deciding whether or not to go on a gap year, a great way to decide is by taking a look at some of the stunning gap year destinations you could go on if you take that leap into the glorious unknown:

  • Thailand
  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • Tanzania
  • Vietnam

Do yourself a favor and do an image search on a few of these destinations above to get a glimpse of some of the incredible sights you could see.

When you are suitably inspired and ready to see the world, you can use online comparison sites to find cheap flights.

Getting from A to B

When you’re in a new country and want to explore, you will need a mode of transportation that can get you where you want to go quickly and easily so that you are able to make the most of your time away. You can find out more about renting a car that will be able to get you and your friends to all the brilliant landmarks and natural wonders you want to see.

Why should I choose a rental car?

Choosing a rental car is the best way to go on your gap year because the freedom it will give you will mean you can find hidden gems and new experiences that you weren’t planning for, but that can make your trip.

Hostels don’t mean you have to slum it

Hostels are a great way to do gap year travel, but you need to know what to look for to make sure you’re getting the best deal:

  • Don’t always go for the cheapest option as this can mean sleeping on thin mattresses, dirty showers, and slow Wi-Fi, when just for a few extra dollars a night you can stay in hostel luxury.
  • Finding a hostel that serves breakfast is a must when you are going out to explore a new country, so always book somewhere that has a good few hours of breakfast every morning so you can fuel up.
  • Never stay in a hostel that doesn’t have lockers. Unless you want to carry around a years’ worth of clothes every time you want to pop out, you need somewhere safe to store your items.

TOP TIP: Buy your own heavy duty padlocks to use on both your suitcase and locker

  • Finding a hostel with organized activities you can participate in is a great way to meet new people and dive into the culture if you are a bit shy at first.