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Travelling in 2021: What are the options?

Many thought that the turn of the year would bring umpteen new avenues. In other words, the desperate times of 2020 would be firmly behind us.

As we all know, we’re far from such a scenario – although there is some hope on the horizon. It means that slowly but surely, many of us are planning our next getaway – even if it will occur in the latter parts of 2021.

Nevertheless, there’s a high chance that not all of our preferred options will be available. Through today, we’ll mull over four possible solutions as we sit here at the start of the year.

The staycation could be in full flow

First and foremost, the staycation could be the big trend in travel. Does this mean staying at home for your entire annual leave? It doesn’t have to.

There are varied ways to describe a staycation and while some will define it as cancelling all holiday plans, others will see it as an opportunity to travel more domestically. It means that the worries about travel corridors and all of the other once-alien terminology does not need to exist.

The return of the road trip?

For some people, the classic road trip has never gone away. For others, it’s never really began.

The events over the past year or so have certainly made some travelers a little more cautious, and a road trip allows them to tackle such woes on their own terms. There are no hotels (if you opt for the caravan approach), and you can plan your route along the so-called safe cities.

‘An experience of a lifetime’

It would be fair to say that recent months have made many people reassess what they want to get out of life. There’s no doubt that holidays fall into this category.

As such, rather than an emphasis on short, sharp city-breaks which has been the norm for the past decade or more, experts believe that the so-called ‘experiences of a lifetime’ will be firmly on the menu.

Granted, some of these might be happening at the back-end of 2021, but this will give ample time for people to save up for such events.

So, what counts as such an experience? The definition varies. For some, it might be an extravagant safari trip, while others might push the boat out further with a destination such as Antarctica. Most certainly, if you are heading down this route, consider getting yourself travel insurance from Staysure as experiences such as these warrant some extra precautions.

The remote island getaway

Finally, let’s talk about something which is arguably just as extravagant as above, but might be possible in a shorter timeframe.

Of course, not everyone is going to have the funds to jet off to a remote island, but there’s more to this definition than the famous Necker Island.

There are a huge number of private islands that can be hired and in a bid to avoid the virus, this is one option that many families are considering. Even if the island isn’t private, it will be remote at best, and provide plenty of protection as well as obvious fun.