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Ways To Make Extra Money That Work!


These days with so many bills and expenses to cover it can seem like a never ending task to make sure that you have everything covered at the end of the month. Many people find that they barely scrape by and have enough at the end of the month for perhaps a night out, a cup of coffee from their favourite luxury coffee shop or even just enough money to pay for little extras that they may need or want to pick up. Often people find themselves having to cut corner after corner while prices rise ever higher to the point that many hardworking individuals these days are left having to cut out necessities in order to make ends meet. How can we stop living like this? With the advent of the ‘gig economy’ and other side ideas, people all over the world are beginning to make more money on the side away from their day jobs for situations just like this. Here are a couple of the most common and tested ways you can get in on earning side cash for yourself.

Playing Games Online

This sounds counter productive but even if you buy lottery tickets online you are able to win cash prizes that can either keep ticking over on your lottery subscriptions or you can win the big one. After all, you have to be in it to win it. By setting aside a specific amount each week – even just ten dollars – you are effectively putting your name in the hat and enabling yourself to at least have some level of chance of winning. Even if you only win a hundred dollars it can go a long way to helping out with an unexpected bill or the like. Other games online you can take advantage of include casino games – especially casinos that don’t require a deposit to play. So what are you waiting for? Get your lottery subscription today!

Selling Things You Don’t Need

If you have ever seen shows like ‘Cash In The Attic’ you will know that it’s entirely possible to be sitting on a dusty goldmine in your house. Whether it’s old antiques laying around just collecting dust or old books that are out of print, just having a look around the house and checking out the prices on the likes of eBay can surprise you and net you a large profit for merely cleaning out the basement. Alternatively you can sell old clothes, CDs, phones, gaming consoles, games and the like on eBay and other selling sites. Just plug in the barcodes or label and type of clothes and away you go!

Handmade Is In High Demand

Are you crafty? Do you like knitting, crocheting or generally making things with your hands? Who doesn’t, right? Handmade things are hugely in demand these days for good reason. With Bohemian and artsy hippie styles in demand it’s easy to see why more and more people are buying things on the likes of Etsy. So whether you have a penchant for making bird houses, windchimes, clothes, toys, jewellery, arts and crafts and the like, chances are there’s a market for it online with the likes of Etsy or other marketplaces for handicrafts. Failing that why not head to your next farmers market and see if you can set up shop there to sell hand baked goods, homemade honey and the like.

So whatever your skill, there’s a way to make it work for you. Some stuff doesn’t even require a skill like playing the lottery and you just need to be in it to win it. So what will you do to make some extra money? The sky’s the limit if you get creative!