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What you need to know about truck tents

Truck tents have become very popular over the years, and that’s because they are convenient, easy to set up, and they allow their users to take advantage of the space they have available in their vehicles. You won’t have to spend your night on the ground if you decide to invest in a truck tent.

Let’s look at some of the factors that you might want to consider if you’re thinking of getting such a tent. Finding the right one can be quite difficult these days, what with the immense variety of products available out there.


There are two ways of going about things if you’re in the market for a truck tent. You can either get one that’s explicitly made for the vehicle you own, in which case you’ll know for sure that it’s going to fit the truck tent bed. The other alternative you have available is to pick one that’s universal, and that comes with adjustable features.

We won’t delve too deep into the topic of how hard it might be for you to get an item for Tacoma, for example, but the fact is that you have to measure your truck before anything else. Some online retailers will allow you to select the right type of vehicle and then they’ll offer you their selection of products that might be compatible with it.


One of the common mistakes that most prospective buyers make when they start to analyze their options is that they focus on the features of the product too much and forget all about their own needs. You need to ask yourself several questions. When are you most likely to go camping? In the summer or during the cold season?

It goes without saying that getting a three or four-season tent would be the best option for you, but sometimes it doesn’t all boil down to that. It’s actually better to get two separate tents — one for when the weather is warm and another for camping when it’s cold outside.

Do keep in mind that you’ll have to take appropriate clothing and sleeping equipment to ensure your comfort during your camping adventures.


While it might not seem the most important factor in your decision-making process, the right amount of ventilation can make all the difference if you want to sleep comfortably in the tent. In the summer especially, you might end up feeling cooped up and hot at night. Generally, the product you should spend your cents on should come with at least two mesh panels so that you can zip them down during the night if you’re too warm.

It wouldn’t hurt, either, if the item were made from a material that’s more or less breathable. However, fabrics that are breathable aren’t particularly durable or very good at keeping you protected from rain and other such mishaps.

Ease of use and setup

If you hate putting together tents in general, it might be a good idea for you to take the time to read some reviews provided by campers just like you. You’ll find out just how long it might take you to set up the tent. Installation should be effortless, and it shouldn’t take you more than fifteen to twenty minutes tops.