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Why You Should Take an Uber When You Travel


Traveling can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite stressful. Even when you are taking the trip of a lifetime, there are plenty of unknowns that can cause anxiety. You may wonder if your flight will leave on time, if there will be any issues with the plane, if your hotel room will be ready when you get there and most importantly, if you have access to transportation to take you to all the sights you want to visit.

The last thing you want to do is to be stuck in your room all day long. The point is to get out and about, right? The good news is you can definitely use a ridesharing service such as Uber.

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Uber Beats the Taxi Experience

Most people have ridden a taxi once or many times during their lives. It used to be the only option if you are traveling, don’t have a rental car and want quick transportation. At most large airports, there are lines of taxis waiting to pick up passengers.

At hotels, you can ask the front desk to call a taxi for you–if there isn’t one already outside of the lobby area. And, you never know what you’re gonna get. All you see is the person’s name and picture on a placard lying on top of the passenger’s seat compartment.

Plus, it can be costly. If you’re on a budget, and the fare keeps rising, it can cause a lot of anxiety because you just don’t know how much to budget for each ride. You can use a taxi fare calculator, but that is simply an estimation and actual costs can vary.

And, while most cab drivers are relatively friendly, there is no rating system per driver.

So, they’re really more interested in driving as many passengers as they can; in as short a time as possible. If they’re in a rush to make money, you might be in for the ride of your life–and, not in a good way. On the other hand, with Uber, everything is straightforward.

Once you enter your destination, you know exactly how long it will take your driver to get there and how much it will cost. You can then decide if you can afford to take the trip or not. Plus, you get immediate information about your driver and their rating.

If you don’t feel comfortable, you can cancel the trip before they arrive. Plus, after the trip, you can rate them accordingly. And, payment is instant. No fuss, no muss.

You don’t have to pull out your wallet at any time. You can just enjoy the ride until you reach your destination.

It’s Convenient

When traveling, you will visit and see many unfamiliar places. You won’t know exactly how far they are from your vacation residence until you get there. In addition, you’ll probably do a lot of walking. Well, when your feet are worn out, and you just want to get back to take a break and a nap, it can be difficult to find a taxi.

For starters, you must get a phone number to call. Then, depending on how busy they are, it could take up to 40 minutes–and, who wants to wait that long? Plus, you won’t know how close they are to your location until they call you to let you know they’re on their way.

You just feel as if you’re in the dark. Yet, if you are in a more remote location, the taxi might not even be able to find you. With Uber, you can find drivers most anywhere. They have a GPS that will take them to your exact location.

You don’t have to figure out where you are because your phone will do that for you. And, Uber can pick you up from anywhere. In some places, taxis are only allowed to pick people up at hotels or at buildings.

They can’t pick you up if you are on the sidewalk. Well, Uber can.

They Always Have Promo Codes

One thing you’ll notice about Uber is they offer promo codes¬†on a consistent basis. Out of the blue, you might get an offer via email for a discount valid during a certain time frame. You won’t know when the promos will come along, but they will.

If you’ve taken Uber for a while, you’ll see them on a regular basis. Also, you can send your code to friends for a discount too. As a result, you are not always paying full price for rides even though the service is already very budget-friendly.

This is a nice feature when you’re traveling and must stick to a budget.

Final Thought

When traveling, you really don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a rental car or taxis. You can easily and conveniently take Uber anywhere you’d like to go.